04 / JULY / 2019


BohemianBlast Capsule journey goes on with our sixth designer Raluca Gheorghe.

The concept of Visionaria brings a powerful and bold spirit, who is not afraid of expressing her true self and emotions. The image, the idea is a pure creation of the spirit and the New Bohemian dictates her journey through her feelings. Looking at her true nature, she is a very authentic, honest person who translates her interior world of self-discovery into her style.

The lilac tulle and texture gives an ethereal and delicate touch, as delicate as the dream and universe are. The numerous transparent layers unveil your true spirit while giving a mysterious look.

This creation is an expression of the soul. The New Bohemians are free and intuitive spirits who are not afraid to express their emotions and dreams. Their faces, bodies, gestures depict their state of being. Their vestments embody their beautiful inner soul.