08 / JUNE / 2022

AWAKE presents Urban Summer Nights

AWAKE presents Urban Summer Nights va avea loc in perioada 8-10 iulie, la Cetatea Medievala Targu Mures si ii va avea cap de afis pe Akua Naru si Deliric X Silent Strike & Muse Quartet. Acestora li se vor alatura sZempöl (brass edition), Jazzbois, Koszika & The HotShots, Gramofone, JazzyBIT si Flatsharks. Evenimentul va include, pe langa concerte cu trupe, scena Chill si Vinil, platforma Feed Your Mind, Street Food, Bazaar, Impro Show, Artdoor si Board Games Area. Intrarea este libera, in limita capacitatii. FACEBOOK EVENT:

11 / SEPTEMBER / 2021

NMVD X Boiler Room at Control Club // 5th November

NMVD Iasi is moving to Bucharest due to the concerning rising number of COVID-19 infection cases in Iasi County. In order to safeguard the health and safety of its participants, staff and artists, promoters decided to move NMVD’s Iasi edition (which was supposed to take place at The Secret, on the 17th of September) to Bucharest, at Control Club, on the 5th of November.

27 / AUGUST / 2021

NOMVD Bucharest – first stop

Access Rules & Regulations for NOMVD party @ Combinatul Fondului Plastic, Bucharest

NOMVD’s debut edition of traveling electronic music parties is set to take place this Saturday in Bucharest, at the Plastic Arts Compound (, in a post-apocalyptic decor, with Palms Trax, Man Power, Mehmet Aslan and Eddie Lanzat. Doors open: 16:00.


Schedule: 16:00 – 02:00

18 / AUGUST / 2021

Activitati, program si reguli de acces la “AWAKE prezinta Vita de Vie Simfonic”, cu participarea extraordinara a Filarmonicii de Stat Tirgu Mures, dirijor Remus Grama

Vita de Vie va concerta pe 22 august alaturi de Filarmonica de Stat Tirgu Mureş, condusa de dirijor Remus Grama, la Cetatea Medievala Tirgu Mures, in cadrul unui eveniment prezentat de AWAKE. In deschidere: Vizi.


➝ Access public: 16:00

➝ Expoziţie de arta contemporana Artdoor, organizata in colaborare cu OAR Mures: 16:00 - 23:00

➝ Designers’ Bazaar by Târgul Cetății: 16:00 - 23:00

➝ Chill si Vinil: 16:00 - 21:00

➝ Board Games Area by Zilele Jocurilor: 16.00-23.00

➝ Platforma Feed Your Mind - discutii pe teme inspiraţionale: 17:30-19:30

   • 17:00-17:10 - Intro

   • 17:10-17:30 - Calin Ignat de la Bere Noah - Despre cum sa produci local o bere artizanala

   • 17:30-18:00 - Larisa Pop de la Mr. Pop, Victor Bodoc de la Elephant si Zsigmond Istvan de la 112 - Discutie pe tema cafenelelor de specialitate din Tirgu Mures

   • 18:00-18:30 - Mihai Ungureanu de la Zilele Jocurilor si Ali Plays a Lot - Discutie pe tema comunitatii Board Games

   • 18.30-19.00 - Discutie pe tema Teatrului Indepedent din Tirgu Mures

➝ Teatru Impro - The Funkers: 19:30 – 21:00

➝ Concert Vizi: 19:00 – 20:00

➝ Concert Vita de Vie si Filarmonica de Stat Tirgu Mures, condusa de dirijor Remus Grama: 21:00 - 23:00

Programul evenimentului poate suferi modificari in functie de conditiile meteo si numarul publicului participant.

10 / AUGUST / 2021

NOMVD, the post-apocalyptic rave

NOMVD presents its debut edition of traveling electronic music party series this summer, with three parties lined up for August and September in Bucharest, Mamaia/ Constanta and Iasi. The events will showcase a post-apocalyptic (which is not far away from reality) scenario with a variety of electronic music artists, custom made decor and wild interactive performance acts to enhance the ambiance.

12 / JULY / 2021

AWAKE prezintă: Vița de Vie Simfonic la Cetatea Tîrgu Mureș

Vița de Vie va concerta în vara aceasta alături de Filarmonica de Stat Tîrgu Mureş, la Cetatea Medievală Tîrgu Mureș, pe 22 august, în cadrul unui eveniment prezentat de AWAKE.

Așa cum v-a obișnuit încă din 2017, AWAKE va fi prezent și anul acesta în Tîrgu Mureș, de data aceasta cu un eveniment de o zi, la Cetatea Medievală, unde va organiza un concert rock simfonic – Vița de Vie Simfonic – cu participarea specială a Filarmonicii de Stat Tîrgu Mureș, condusă de dirijorul Remus Grama.

12 / JULY / 2021


12th of July, 2021It’s been over a year since we saw each of you dancing, smiling and filling up the Teleki Domain with your energy. We tried really hard to make the fourth edition happen this year, but unfortunately the odds are not in our favour and due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the current status of restrictions on mass gatherings, it is with deep regret that we have to announce AWAKE Festival will be postponed. We can’t wait to light up Teleki Castle and have all of you together again.In the meantime, stay tuned for a special event in the heart of Tirgu Mures, details to follow soon. Until then, please stay safe, comply with the regulations and take care of each other.All information regarding passes can be found below:DISCOVER MORE >
11 / SEPTEMBER / 2020

Industria de evenimente din România, pregătită pentru revenirea la normalitate!

Asociația Română a Organizatorilor de Concerte (AROC) este optimistă în ceea ce privește reluarea evenimentelor live de dimensiuni medii și mari. În urma întâlnirii productive cu doamna Vicepremier Raluca Turcan și cu reprezentanți ai Guvernului din data de 9 septembrie a.c., au fost puse cu succes bazele reluării sectorului live în 2021, în condiții de maximă siguranță.

13 / JULY / 2020

The Good News Monday

It's easy to get knocked down with everything going on around us. That's why The Good News Monday is here to pick you right up. The law of duality doesn't accept darkness without light, so here are five beaming pieces of news. This week we have our favorite ingredients for hope, you can read three medical and scientific advancements, an sustainable Indian architect using CO2 emission to produce unique building materials and a search engine that just managed to plant 100 million trees.

02 / JULY / 2020

How music affects us – part 2 (studies & experiments)

Since the middle of the 20th century, music psychologists have been carrying out a wide range of fascinating research into how our brains and bodies respond to music.

Two features of our world which are universal and arguably have been a feature of an earlier evolutionary development are our ability to create and respond to music, and to dance to the beat of time. In other words, meaning in music came to us before meaning given by words.

Explore the long list of musical experiments as a second part to the article

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