24 / FEBRUARY / 2020

Rules & Regulations for AWAKE Festival

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The Organiser: S.C. EMAGIC LIVE S.R.L.

The Event: AWAKE Festival, Teleki Estate, Gornești, Mureș county, Romania.

  1. The Regulation
  1. This Rules & Regulations document is an agreement between the Organiser and the Participant. During the ticket sale, you are obliged to accept the Rules and Regulations of Awake Festival.
  2. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the rules without prior notice to the Participant. Any changes will be posted on the AWAKE Festival website – awakefestival.ro, in the Rules and Regulations section.
  3. By purchasing a ticket, a person agrees with the event rules and the following terms and conditions.
  1. Tickets, types of tickets and ticket purchases
  1. Tickets

1.1 There are 5 types of tickets for the festival:

1.2 There is 1 type of upgrade:

Camping – access into the Camping area, from 10 am, until the end of the festival, 10 am, is valid only with a General admission ticket.

1.3 We only guarantee the validity of the tickets purchased through our festival partners listed in Section II. 1.1.

1.4 Reselling of the tickets and invitations in order to turn a profit is strictly prohibited. The Organisers reserve the right to prohibit access to the festival area to those involved in such activities and to confiscate the resold tickets and/or invitations in their possession.

1.5 It is strictly forbidden to publish on social networks or other sites the ticket unique bar code.

1.6 Upon ticket validation (regardless of type) the Participant will receive a wristband, which allows the entrance into the festival for one person. After scanning the ticket, the Participant must keep the wristband on during the entire festival. The damaged or fake wristband will not offer any right for the Participant and access will be denied unless a new ticket is purchased. The Organiser is entitled to accompany outside the festival perimeter people not wearing the wristband.

1.7 Lost or stolen tickets will not be reissued.

  1. Buying tickets

2.1 Tickets are available online on tickets.awakefestival.ro, www.eventim.ro, www.iabilet.ro, and in all partner shops of above-mentioned ticketing agents. Partner shops are available on ticketing agents’ websites. 

2.2 The following tickets can be purchased on the festival premises: 

  1. Festival pass door ticket
  2.  Camping door ticket
  3.  Day pass door ticket

2.3 Promoter has the right and obligation to require the ticket buyer to adhere to all safety measures that are provided in legislative acts.

2.4 Also,  in order to safeguard the health and safety of all participants at the event, both public and staff, the promoter has the right to impose any and all of the following measures, as conditions for allowing public access to its event:

– wearing a mask

– keeping a safe distance from other participants

– providing proof of vaccination

-submitting to quick testing for viruses/diseases at the entrance of the event

– minimizing crowding by agreeing to early arrival and accessing the venue at the communicated times, using designated gates and seats

For clarity, the ticket buyer, through the act of buying said ticket agrees to the present conditions and terms, obliges to respect the legally imposed measures as well as the event’s access regulations communicated and enforced by the promoter at the time of  purchase, before and during the event and/ or on the venue’s premises,

Should the ticket buyer not be willing to abide by such measures as described above at the time of the event, the promoter has the right and obligation to refuse access to the event, and in this case will not reimburse the price of the purchased ticket.

Participants are required to check the promoter’s access rules and regulations on the promoter’s official website, the ticketing provider’s official website and their social media platforms before attending the event, and comply with floor and queues marking and venue spacing and any health precautions communicated at the venue via but not limited to posters, signage and announcements.


  1. Tickets return

3.1 The ticket is not refundable unless the event is canceled by the Organiser. Moving the event in another place in the same geographical area is not ground for reimbursement of ticket value. If the event is rescheduled, the ticket cannot be refunded. Refund applications must be made within 30 days after the date of cancellation of the event at the point of sale where tickets were initially purchased. Reimbursement of tickets can be made only when the tickets are intact, and refunding only refers to the value of the ticket. The ticket sales commission, printing and distribution costs or additional costs (accommodation, transport, courier, etc.) will not be refunded in any case.

3.2 The ticket is not refundable in case of cancelation from any of the scheduled artists in the lineup.

3.3 Ticket refund in the context of SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic, according to Emergency Ordinance no 70/ 14.05.2020 (http://legislatie.just.ro/Public/DetaliiDocument/225600)

RESCHEDULED events/ festivals:

In case an event or a festival is rescheduled, participants will be able to use their initial access tickets and will benefit from all rights their ticket provides, for the rescheduled date of the event or festival, provided the rescheduled date does not exceed the date of 30th September 2021.

CANCELLED events/ festivals:

In the event of cancellation of the event or festival, participants will receive a voucher for the value of the ticket they had bought, which can be further used to purchase tickets for other Emagic Live events, by 30th September 2021.


In the situation when a voucher will not be used to purchase tickets by 30th September 2021, the amounts received from customers will be refunded no later than 31st December 2021.

If customers cannot participate at the event or festival at the rescheduled time, they have 30 days at their disposal since the announcement of event/ festival postponement to choose between keeping their ticket for the new date or asking for a voucher in return. After this 30 day period has expired, if the customer does not choose between the two options, their ticket becomes valid for the new rescheduled date.


  1. Changing prices

The Organiser reserves the right to change ticket prices without prior notice. Changes will be announced on www.awakefestival.ro and AWAKE Festival app. 

III. Event participation

  1. Entry, Acces area

The festival map, with all the areas, is available online on www.awakefestival.ro and on the AWAKE Festival app, in App Store and Google Play store. 

1.1 Entry to the festival will be allowed only through the general access area, based on a valid ticket, which will be replaced with an access wristband. All the Participants should have an identification document (identity card or passport) and please note that the Organiser reserves the right to deny access for any participant at any time if he/she is in an obvious state of confusion, violent or under the influence of forbidden substances. 

1.2 Access for children under 12 years is free, but only if they are accompanied by an adult parent or guardian. The accompanying adult must present a valid ticket.

1.3 Access for participants between 12 and 16 years old is allowed only if they have a valid ticket and are accompanied by an adult.

1.4 Access for participants between 16 and 18 years old is allowed only if they have a valid ticket and a signed Parental agreement – download the parental agreement form

1.5 Access to the festival is forbidden with alcoholic drinks, drugs, dangerous substances, explosives, toxic or flammable objects, pyrotechnic devices, glass objects/bottles, cosmetics, umbrellas, professional photo-video devices, air horns, drones or remote control aircraft/cars/toys, items with discriminating and/or provocative texts and/or expressions, chairs, hoverboards/segways, sky lanterns,  blunt and/or sharp objects, pepper spray, chains and weapons of any type, items that might have a negative effect on the safety, health or wellbeing of the festival-goers. Ticket holders will go through a light body check at access points in order to ensure festival rules are observed. 

1.6 Access with pets is prohibited.

1.7 Participants are not allowed to bring any food or liquids in the festival area.

1.8 Items that can be allowed into the festival: backpacks, cell phones/chargers, cigarettes/lighters, digital cameras (compact, non-pro), hats, sunglasses, raincoats, eye drops for contact lenses, prescription drugs, insulin (with diabetes booklet), flags and selfie sticks, sunscreen, insect repellent.

1.9 In the camping area participants are permitted to bring water and soft beverages up to 2l per person. Alcoholic drinks can be purchased from the camping bar and the festival bars. 

1.10 Participants take full responsibility for attending the festival, including the following:

  1. a) People with physical or mental illness for whom crowded areas, loud noises, special sound, visual and audio effects represent a risk, assume all liability for any prejudice that they may suffer during the event. The show can contain powerful light effects that could harm children or epileptic persons, the participants are fully responsible for attending the shows presented in the festival on stages/other areas.
  2. b) Regarding the risks of injury or personal property damage, any participant is fully responsible for his behavior and for his/her personal belongings within the festival area, including camping and access areas.
  3. c) In terms of play, entertainment, and sports areas and other alike that can pose a risk of injury, participants will make sure that they have the physical and mental condition to participate. The Organisers and their affiliates may require the participant to sign a document assuming all risks in order to access sports areas and/or other risk-bearing enterprises within the festival area.

1.11 It is strictly forbidden to enter the festival by car without a car pass issued by the Organiser.

1.12 People with disabilities who want to attend the event must send an email at hello@awakefestival.ro with the following documents:

People whose application will be considered valid will automatically receive 2 free passes to the festival, if available. If the documents are not presented or the person refuses a proper verification, they will not be allowed at the event. 

1.13 At Awake Festival it’s possible to charge your mobile phone. This way you’ll be able to reach your friends and to share your experiences on your social media. You will find the exact placement of the charging area on the festival map and festival app. 

1.14 Access to Teleki Castle interiors is forbidden.

  1. Code of conduct – the festival area

2.1 Every year, the Organizer invests a great deal of effort and manpower to turn Awake festival into a wonderful world. Every visitor needs to show proper respect towards the fellow participants and the festival infrastructure. Tearing, breaking or any other form of destruction to the decoration, buildings and/or green areas of Teleki Estate will result in the removal from the festival and access will be denied for the entire time of the festival. The Teleki grounds (castle and park) are part of our national historical heritage. The Organizer reserves the right to file a criminal complaint against the culprit. All participants must comply with the social rules, laws and those listed in these Regulations. Participants are not allowed to conduct any activities that could endanger or affect in any way the safety or the rights of any other participant, the venue, the stage, decoration and/or other items in the festival.

2.2 There will be zero-tolerance policy in regard to any violent or abusive behavior towards our staff or other festival goers – the wrong-doer will be immediately ejected from the festival premises; his/her ticket will be annulled and the associated wristband removed, also the Police and local Jandarmerie officers will be asked to take custody of the violent participant/s. The public is kindly asked to cooperate with our staff, security agents and local police forces – they are there for everybody’s safety and security.

2.3. Awake Festival conducts an absolute zero-tolerance policy in regard to drugs. It is forbidden to use, deal and/or to be in possession of drugs on both the festival grounds and camping site. If a participant is caught using and/or dealing drugs or if he/she is found in possession of drugs, he/she will be forced to leave the festival site and/or campsite. We will keep a keen eye to make sure that everyone adheres to this rule. This policy is rigorously enforced and the relevant cases will be handed over to the Police.   

2.4 During the festival, there will be photos and video recordings: when entering the festival grounds all visitors give their silent consent to the Organiser to use and broadcast this footage for any festival promotional activity. Participants must acknowledge that it is possible to appear in such materials without being able to claim any rights to or compensation for those materials. The Organiser has the right to use these materials and publish them on various channels (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, festival website, festival app, all media) and use them in advertising campaigns without compensating in any way the Participant. Please read here the information note regarding the use of personal data during the festival. 

2.5 Participants acknowledge that on festival grounds, any commercial or advertising activity without the written consent of the Organiser is strictly prohibited.

2.6 Participants are not allowed to reproduce visuals of the event (poster/ flyer/ etc.), to use the image or name of the artists involved (or any other names, logos or brands associated with the event), or tickets / invitations for the event, for promotional or commercial purposes without the permission of the Organiser. It is prohibited to distribute flyers or hang posters of other events/festivals during the Awake festival on festival premises, including camping area and festival entrance surroundings. No flyers in the streets, on the camping site or on the festival grounds. 

2.7 Minors are prohibited from alcohol consumption and cigarette use. In case of doubt, the staff may require an ID to certify legal age and can deny selling alcohol and/or cigarettes to persons that fail to present a valid ID.

2.8 Attending any festival carries risks. Admission to Awake Festival  \is at your own risk. If you are looking after children under the age of 18 then you assume responsibility for their safety and wellbeing. Neither Awake Festival, nor the venue and partners will be liable for any theft, loss or damage to property unless such theft, loss or damage to property has been caused by the Organiser’s negligence – liability for theft, loss or damage to property caused by the Participant’s own negligence or by the acts or omissions of traders, patrons or any other third parties is excluded.  

2.9 Swimming in the Mureș river or the lake inside the festival area is prohibited and extremely dangerous.

2.10 Using the toilets is free of charge at Awake Festival. There are individual plastic toilets (toi toi) in 2 (two) areas at the festival you can find on the festival map, which will be cleaned daily. In the camping area, there are toilet containers and also shower containers, for the use of participants with camping access, free of charge.

It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public. When caught urinating in public you run the risk of being removed from the festival grounds.

  1. Security & Safety

3.1 Safety is one of the most important priorities of Awake Festival. Therefore, the Organiser co-operates with the Romanian Police Force. They will be, in partnership with the Local Police, be responsible for the safety of both visitors and local inhabitants. During Awake Festival, the Romanian Police and Local Police Mures will work together with specialized agents, hired specifically to ensure safety on the festival site. During the event, participants are required to comply with the security agents’ demands, to collaborate with them and to respect their instructions in cases of emergency.

3.2 In the event of acts of violence or endangerment of other people or goods, security agents may decide to evacuate the people involved outside the premises.

3.3 It is forbidden the use of fire and inflammable materials on the festival grounds or near the festival grounds, including the camping area. 

  1. First Aid

4.1 During the festival, a team of first aid and a doctor will be permanently present on-site and near the entrance an ambulance will be ready to transport any wounded/in distress person to the nearest hospital in the area. You can recognize the first aid team and ambulance by their uniform and red cross signs, and their specific placement will also be pinned on the festival map and app.

If you need to bring your medication to the festival, please make sure you have a medical letter with you to show at the entrance. 

  1. Lost objects

5.1 Lost and found items should be brought to the Lost&Found area, marked on the festival map. Owners can recover their objects following the Organiser’s instructions. They may be required to present evidence that the item belongs to them (e.g. PIN number for a lost mobile phone). After the festival ends, the Organiser will keep safe the found items for a period of 15 days, and if no participant asks for them, the items will be destroyed and/or disposed of.

  1. Products and Services

6.1. During the event, products and services are available in specially designated areas (bars, food court, playground, Bazar, Feed Your Mind area, sponsor activation areas, etc). Participants undertake to use as payment for their purchase only payment methods and tools accepted by the Organiser and their partners. As a general rule, payment inside the event will be made using OveIT system.

6.2  The AWAKE FESTIVAL wristband is issued by the Organiser. By takeover of the wristband, the holder agrees to the provisions and accepts to be bound thereby. The AWAKE wristband is a digital wallet issued by the Organiser, which shall be used as the only method of payment for the in-venue purchases. The wristband and NFC tag are based on cashless payment technology. The wristband cannot be considered a debit/credit card or a cash-based payment equivalent. The wristband can only be used for cashless payments during Awake Festival. The remaining balance on the wristband can be withdrawn until the end of the withdrawal period, defined below. The terms of withdrawal are also set below. The wristband contains no sensitive information related to the holder. The wristband is valid from takeover, and it can be used following its initial charge and subsequent recharges. The unclaimed balance on the wristband, as it is indicated at the end of the Awake Festival, CANNOT be used at a subsequent event. 

The visitor can request a wristband upon arrival to the festival, at the AWAKE FESTIVAL WRISTBAND TOP-UP POINT. The cancellation or replacement of lost or damaged AWAKE FESTIVAL WRISTBAND(s) can only be requested by a registered user. 

The registration process:

The (re)charging of the wristband  by cash (only in RON currency):

The (re)charging of the wristband by debit/credit card:

Replacement of the wristband:

The replacement of a lost wristband can only be done if previously the data contained on the ticket of participation/access to the festival has been paired with the wristband to be replaced.

To the extent that the pairing between the ticket and the wristband has been done beforehand, the replacement of a lost or damaged wristband can be requested at the Helpdesk point personally, by means of providing the identity of the person requesting the replacement, identity which has to match the credentials on the wristband to be replaced. The replaced wristband is voided once the balance is transferred to the new wristband, at the Helpdesk point. The transfer is instant.

The vendor payment process:

Payment is made at the vendors’ booth through the interaction of the vendor payment terminals and wristbands. The vending process consists of two distinct operations:

(i) the payment process engaged by the mobile payment terminal (mobile app), used by the vendor and the wristband, used by the buyer; the buyer is touching the back casing of the mobile device (operation which triggers the purchase), followed by the selection of the product(s) to be sold by the vendor, displayed on the mobile device interface; if the visitor accepts the indicated amount and product(s), the transaction is initiated by the vendor;

(ii) the vendor will issue a cash register fiscal receipt for the product(s) sold;

(iii) the balance of the digital wallet is decreased with the amount of the purchase;

(iv) the vendor’s mobile display will not show the balance of the wristband (digital wallet funds) for privacy reasons, but will indicate, if for the items to be purchased the available funds are insufficient;

If the transaction has been carried out and validated, it cannot be canceled. Please pay extra attention to the confirmation of each transaction, as before any purchase the vendor is required to show the items to be purchased on the mobile terminal display (interface).

Balance verification of wristband (digital wallet):

The balance of the wristband (digital wallet), at any given time during normal business hours of the festival, can be checked at the top-up points. The visitor shall accept the database and the statement of the Organiser concerning the balance of the wristband (digital wallet) as final and applicable.

Withdrawal of the wristband balance (digital wallet funds):

The amount not used can be withdrawn at the top-up points. The visitor is also given a receipt of the withdrawal.

The wristband (digital wallet) holder can withdraw the unused balance at any time during the festival. The withdrawal can be requested by the holder at the top-up points. In case a bigger amount is withdrawn, the staff can ask to check the identity of the cardholder. The visitor understands that he/she might have to comply with the request to an identity check.

In extreme cases, under which the funds on the wristband (digital wallet) expired, and the visitor has well-founded reasons for not being able to withdraw funds under the above-given framework, the visitor is requested to contact the Organiser at office@eventjobs.ro

Visitors are asked to pay attention not to leave the withdrawal of the balance to the last moment.

The visitor acknowledges and agrees that his/her personal data can be used by Oveit (Online Venues & Events S.R.L., Rosetti Tower, 6 Maria Rosetti Street, 2nd fl., Bucharest 020481, fiscal code RO 34339274), which operates the digital wallet system, in connection with the use of the wristband, in accordance with the legal provisions set on information, self-determination and freedom of information, and other laws in effect concerning data protection. The data shall be stored following the event in compliance with the relevant laws, and then shall be deleted.

The data used cannot be linked to an individual, except in the case of registration, when the visitor voluntarily consents to the use of the data.

The primary purpose of the use of the data is for registration and identification related to the wristbands (digital wallets).

The visitor (with simultaneous inactivation of his/ her wristband) may request the deletion of his/her personal data (i.e. withdraw the consent to the use of his/ her personal data). The deletion can be requested from Oveit by email (contact@oveit.com). The visitor may – wholly or partially – withdraw his/her consent given earlier, without being required to state the reasons thereof. Following the receipt of the notification concerning the withdrawal, and the inactivation of the wristband (digital wallet) Oveit shall forthwith provide for the termination of the data use, and shall irrevocably delete the visitor from its registry, and delete the personal data concerning the withdrawal, of which it notifies the requester.

With the visitor accepting the present document, the Organiser and the visitor agree that any claims arising out of the legal relationship specified herein may only be enforced by the competent court of law in Romania.

No photo or video or any other visual recording shall be made of the top-up points (either from the outside or the inside), or of the employees there. For such recordings, the prior written consent of Oveit is required. The above rules shall apply to all audio or visual recordings of the employees at the re-charging points too.

The Organiser is entitled to unilaterally modify these general terms and conditions, on the understanding that it shall simultaneously notify the visitors thereof.

  1. Recycling and environment protection

The Organiser is setting up, along with NGOs and companies specialized in recycling and environment protection, recycling areas within the festival premises. The exact placement of these areas will be available on the festival map and festival app.

Awake Festival wishes to be a clean, plastic-free event, in our mission to preserve the environment and be at the front line of responsible citizens of Planet Earth. Therefore, we ask every participant to join us in this mission and use the special containers placed for the separate collection of plastic, paper, metal cans, glass. 

  1. Camping area

8.1 The festival has a camping area, situated near the entrance and on the shore of Mures River. Camping area staff will indicate the exact placement of every tent the participant brings along, after presenting the valid General admission with a camping ticket.

There will be a tent provider on location, with a limited number of tents for rental.

Access to the festival from the camping area will be properly signaled by the festival staff.

8.2 In the camping area there will be toilet containers, shower containers, perimeter lights, a bar and food area, waste collection area. The festival does not supply electrical power to participants.

8.3 The participant is obliged to preserve, not deteriorate or steal the equipment installed in the area (toilets, showers, lighting fixtures, fences, bars, recycling devices, etc), other people’s tents and personal belongings, the environment. The participant who does not comply with these regulations will be responsible for repairing the prejudice caused to festival items, his/her ticket will be annulled, wristband removed and Police will take him/her into custody.

8.4 In the camping area it is forbidden for the participant to sell food and drinks or other merchandise. Promoting other events in this area without the prior consent of the Organiser is also prohibited.

8.5 The participant is not allowed to enter the camping area with large speakers, gas containers, barbeque items, raw meat, power generators, fire generator items (except matches and lighters), and all the items included in section III.1.4 of present Regulations. The participants are allowed to bring the items mentioned in section III.1.8 of present Regulations.

8.6 All participants must respect the environment by throwing residual waste in the appropriate containers and recycle items in the appropriate containers, maintaining the camping area clean and free of waste. It is forbidden to throw any items, may it be garbage, cigarettes, or food in the Mures River. Failing to respect this rule will have legal consequences for the participant.

  1. Guarantees and responsibilities
  1. The Organiser reserves the right to change the music program hours. The Participant has no right to demand compensation for these changes.
  2. The Organiser will not be responsible for damages or casualties on festival grounds that are not caused by poor organization or neglect.
  3. The Organiser is not responsible for any activities, actions or deeds outside the festival area. 
  1. Sanctions

The Organiser is entitled, effective immediately, to prohibit access to a Participant in the festival area, totally or partially, or to invite the Participant to leave the festival premises, in case of a regulation breach or a breach of law currently in force in Romania.

  1. Bad weather

In case of inclement weather, storms, lightning strikes, violent winds, and heavy rain, please follow the event staff and security agents’ instructions and, if necessary, protect yourself by evacuating the area.