20 / JUNE / 2019

Rococo Revival

The third designer who is joining the BohemianBlast Capsule is Diana Tache.  

The young creative presents her vision through Rococo Revival, by bringing to limelight the concepts of unity, individuality, femininity, and freedom.

Rococo style is characterized by the richness, variety and refinement of details and ornaments. This mix of opulence with the material delicacy of the details that complete the visual ensemble is exactly what defines the outfit created.

The femininity and suaveness that are typical to the style, contour a design made especially for people that want to get in touch with their inner world and express themselves. Chromatically, inserting pops of color and playing with a shade that is inherently feminine, whilst having as a background the masculine concept of the suit creates a contrast not only visually but also emotionally and symbolically, empowering the wearer. The choice of silhouette is a direct call to reclaiming the power suit that has been defining the journey of gender equality.

The creation does not relate solely to the visual and artistic side of the whole process but tries to outline a whole story at a spiritual level.