01 / JUNE / 2020

The Good News Monday

This week's Good News Monday comes with an extra scoop of goodness because today is a free day! Today's read includes a link to Thom Yorke's most recent playlist, survivor koalas, the blue bee- the sequel, communities brought together by art and hugs and humanity.

Thom Yorke playlist for Sonos Radio


Thom Yorke, living legend and front man of Radiohead, just shared a playlist with the tracks from his recent collaboration with Sonos radio. The two hours and forty minutes playlist includes Holly Herndon, Oneohtrix Point Never, Kali Malone, Floating Points and Little Simz and will take you through a variety of genres from jazz to electronic and so much more.

Art connecting communities in quarantine

Under the MIT building, connecting building 66 and E17 is a labyrinth of tunnels and The Borderline Mural Project, a 61 meters long art installation with over 60 murals done by MIT-affiliated artists. A once busy pass way, the underground corridors are now abandoned and quiet due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A group of MIT Students from The Borderline club were inspired by the Corona Maison art-project and developed a virtual tunnel called Tunnel66 in the hopes that it will reconnect the MIT community through digital art.

Tunnel66 is the digital version of the The Borderline Mural Project, a long vertical ladder connecting each room (or piece of art). You can move through the tunnel and explore all the different communities on the campus.

Remembering our humanity

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(Shreveport, Louisiana): I say goodnight with this video of a Shreveport police officer and protestor embracing- the officer says, “we’re all here together, OK?” – Love and compassion are the answers (and the best tactic for any police force).

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In the wake of the horrible past few days of protests and pain in America, there is always a moment to remember we are all human. No matter how ugly, hard and gut wrenching the world gets there will always be people who are above and beyond humane and fighting for the good side. While there is a lot of evil and the level of police brutality in the US has been in no way acceptable, we need to remember not to generalize. Just like the office in the video, there have been other countless policeman and higher-ranking officer who have put down their weapons and joined protesters in their rally.

 A Shreveport police officer embraces an exhausted protestor while telling him “We’re all here together, OK? Trust that not everybody is the same.

Don’t lose hope, we are all in this together! Sending you all love and peace!

Rare blue bee makes a comeback

First described in 2011, scientists weren’t sure the bee still existed. The species had only been recorded in four locations totaling just 16 square miles of pine scrub habitat at Central Florida’s Lake Wales Ridge. But that changed this spring when a Florida Museum of Natural History researcher rediscovered the metallic navy insects, a first step to conserving this understudied and imperiled species.

The bee is thought to live only in the Lake Wales Ridge region, a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot and one of the nation’s fastest-disappearing ecosystems, according to a 2015 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report.

The blue calamintha is a solitary bee, creating individual nests instead of hives like honeybees. While no nests have been found, the species is part of the genus Osmia, which tends to use existing ground burrows, hollow stems or holes in dead trees as nests.

2019 Australia bushfires Koala returns home

Several koalas that have been hurt in the 2019 Australia bushfires have been receiving treatment at local hospital and are now recovered and have returned to their homes, in the wild.

The koala in the video is named Thrumster Mal and required surgery to recover from burns on his face and arms. He was treated at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, which admits around 250 koalas each year.