03 / JUNE / 2020

How Black Culture influenced music evolution

Blues led to the rise of Rock N Roll, Jazz inspired generations of electronic DJs, and Hip-hop transformed the entire landscape of modern pop music. Black culture has contributed and endowed the music industry for a long time.

In some shape or form, it has touched almost all music genres and created many of them. The article highlights only few of the musical achievements the black community has contributed with to the evolution of our music heritage.

01 / JUNE / 2020

The Good News Monday

This week's Good News Monday comes with an extra scoop of goodness because today is a free day! Today's read includes a link to Thom Yorke's most recent playlist, survivor koalas, the blue bee- the sequel, communities brought together by art and hugs and humanity.

28 / MAY / 2020

How music affects us

Music has been associated with physical and emotional healing throughout history. The ancient Greeks assigned the god Apollo to reign over both music and healing. Ancient shamanic curative rituals used rhythmically repetitive music to facilitate trance induction. Aristotle and Plato both prescribed music to debilitated individuals. Plato prescribed both music and dancing for the fearful and anxious, while Aristotle spoke of the power of music to restore health and normalcy to those who suffer from uncontrollable emotions and compared it to a medical treatment.

18 / MAY / 2020

The Good News Monday

It's never too late for good news, and today is that day. This week's Good News Monday includes articles on how cities are becoming more bike friendly, the first complete Lunar map, cats in hats, a technological beating heart and a much needed award - The Kindness Award.

14 / MAY / 2020

Youtube channels with music knowledge

If you were to listen to all the music ever produced you would need quite some years of listening non-stop and miss the recent productions, which are adding up like no other time in history.

 Youtube is a great source of information and a great new way to learn anything you want. There are a lot of channels that focus on music, from composition, to album analyses, history, interviews and podcasts. Here’s a selection of some of the interesting ones to broaden up your musical taste and culture.

Explore their video playlists and see which one fits you!

10 / MAY / 2020

The Good News Monday

This week featuring the Arctic Ozone hole, Berlin clubs, NASA, botanical chalking and true heroes. They might be unrelated, but they will all make you smile.

Get your good vibes shot, it will last you all week :)

07 / MAY / 2020

AWAKE recommends: 5 ECO artists

Ecological Art or “Eco Art” is a contemporary form of environmental art created by artists who are concerned about local and global environmental situations. Given the current situation of climate change and pollution, it is only natural that artists started to address this issue more and more, not only through the subjects they approach, but also by the materials they use.

Scroll through the galleries to see each artist's works.

27 / APRIL / 2020

The Good News Monday

The second edition of Good News Monday is focused on unity and everybody working together to fight the current pandemic. It doesn't matter if the help is money donations, smile initiators or medical equipment, it all counts!

17 / APRIL / 2020

AWAKE 2020 Cancelled

“With a heavy heart we have to announce that the 2020 edition of AWAKE festival will no longer take place.
This painful decision was taken after a careful consideration and analysis of the current national and international situation, ticket sales being slowed down to the point of stopping, corporate partners freezing their budgets until further notice, and the inevitable cancellation of concerts and tours that will follow.

16 / APRIL / 2020

First posters from Music Festivals

This is our homage to music festivals that started the movement in music events as we have known it until this point. Times are almost certain to change, so we compiled an archive of the first music festival posters to remember all the great artwork and musicians who graced the music scene.

Navigate through the slideshows and see all the old posters from each festival.