17 / APRIL / 2019

#AWAKE4 will reveal its 2020 festival theme really soon!

Bear with us for just a bit, this year’s theme is in the making and we are more than excited to share it with you. It’s a real one, we feel for it, we live for it, we believe in it! See you soon!

We’re living such exciting times and we couldn’t wait anymore to share this with you. #AWAKE3 reveals its 2019 theme: #BohemianBlast. Teleki Estate officially opens its gates for all #NewBohemians and we have the right storyline for you. This year, we went the extra mile and cooked a documentary about a century-old concept that is still relevant, alive, inspiring and transformative for today’s youth.

Discover creative and free thinkers, the neo-bohemian culture and get in the mood for a #bohemianblast. #AWAKE3: 15th to 18th of August, Teleki Estate, Transylvania.

#AWAKE3 presents the full Bohemian Blast short, the visual essay of this generation. Watch it from beginning to end, with no interruptions and get a better grasp of the Neo-Bohemian spirit.

Watch episode 1: A way back to ourselves

Watch episode 2: The History of Bohemia 

Watch episode 3: The New Bohemians