Teleki Estate


Nestled in the heart of Transylvania, the Teleki Estate encompasses 16 acres of spectacular land, hosting an 18th century baroque castle and a lush English park with century old trees, serene meadows and a charming little pond, all peacefully guarded by the river Mureș.

A part of history

The domain has been in the Teleki family from the 17th century, when Mihály Apafi, regent of Transylvania, donated Gernyeszeg and other villages to count Mihály Teleki. But it was Mihaly’s nephew, László Teleki who started the construction of the present castle in 1772 on the ground of the old castle. The building was designed by architect Andreas Mayerhoffer of Salzburg in baroque style, its main features being the „U” form and the Great Hall in the middle. Construction ended around 1796, during the time of László’s son, József Teleki. József also transformed the surrounding area into a lovely French garden.

A botanical wonder

At the begining of the 1800s, Teleki József II turned the garden into an English park, by bringing exotic species like gingko biloba and lime alongside other majestic trees like willow, oak trees and cypresses, trees that reign the park to date.

First public library of Romania

The love of books was handed down from generation to generation in the Teleki family. Samuel Teleki is actually the founder of the Telekiana Library in Târgu Mureș, the first public library in today’s Romania. He was a great lover of books and started collecting them during his studies in Europe. An impressive book collection was also hosted in the castle’s own library, with thousands of books collected by the Teleki counts over the years.
During and after World War II, the castle was devastated, with all the original furniture stolen and the library destroyed. Part of the volumes were saved and donated to the Teleki Library in Târgu Mureș, the oldest book dating to 1668.

Bringing the castle back to life

In 1949, the castle was nationalized by The Communist Party and later transformed into a nursing home for children with tuberculosis. After a long legal battle, in 2011 the heirs of Teleki family regained the property. Ever since they have dedicated their efforts into the restauration of the estate.

The castle is one of the best preserved in Transylvania, having in place original pieces like Murano chandeliers, fireplaces, wood doors, murals and stucco works. A part of the castle has been refurbished with antique furniture recreating the old sumptuous atmosphere, which visitors can enjoy throughout the year.

Our cause

AWAKE Festival is strongly invested in the restauration of the Teleki Estate by raising awareness and providing financial support. Together with ARCHÉ Association, we are committed to safeguarding this unique site, part of the national heritage.
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