Teleki Castle – history of AWAKE host

The location of a festival is just as important as the artists and the activities taking place. The uniqueness, atmosphere and energy of the event is often given by the place where it happens. This is why we’re sharing some information about the Teleki Castle’s park and a bit of its history.

The estate is located in the heart of Transylvania, in Gornesti village from Mures County and has the name of the Teleki family, a nobile family with a long and interesting history.


Castelul Teleki, foto: arh. Eugen Greceanu, 1962.
Fototeca Institutului Național al Patrimoniului, Arhiva DMI


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The estate of the Teleki Castle promises a lot of opportunities for creating a music and arts festival that will inspire its audience, but  also offer them a three day escape from the urban monotony, a chance to share ideas and other multiple activities.