23 / JULY / 2019

Sustainable Décor – Responsible Behavior 

In recycling we trust!

We built the festival on the principles of sustainability, as our entire décor from bars and restaurants to the Forest Library or The Designers’ Bazaar is made out of 22 m3 of locally sourced wood. It is designed into special modules, creatively reorganized each year into the infrastructure.

Our plan is to use the same materials for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 years. In the end, our wood will be donated for a local cause like the rebuilding or restoration of a school.  

Ideas and content feed our minds and galvanize a healthier, more responsible behavior. Environment protection is an important theme tackled in Feed Your Mind talks and workshops. Check www.feedyourmind.ro and soon, the full festival program, to catch the most ardent speakers on environmental issues.  

The no-straws and plastic trend is already ingrained in our approach. Waste collection points are carefully placed on festival grounds for plastic, aluminum, paper, and board. The collection isles are supervised by our trained volunteers, who will attend you in the process of separating waste from packaging.

We recycle all waste with our trusted Fepra International partner. No plastic cups or cutlery are sold on the festival grounds. Vegetal waste from food & drinks areas is collected and transformed into compost, which fertilizes the AWAKE garden of vegetables. We also instruct all collaborators to use bio-degradable materials.