17 / AUGUST / 2019


Iulian Badea

One of the most recent peculiar and playful exports of the Romanian electronic scene, Iulian Badea first rose to prominence in 2006 with his Dj residency at a local club in Drobeta Turnu-Severin. As his interest, knowledge and skills developed, his DJ style became more refined and energetic, and in 2010 he landed a contract with a bigger club which sparked his engagement towards music production. “Cindy in Sunshine“, his production debut on the “Summer of Feeling EP” in 2012, became an instant tech-house must-have for Techzone Records label. Residency turned into events and a well deserved gig at one of London’s most established clubbing venues, Egg London, following with a release of his track “Got to move on” on “What Came First” Label, which is set up by the people behind the world-famous club Egg London as a statement to showcase its music policy.