23 / JULY / 2019


Some call it GEN Z, we call it Generation AWAKE. The lead is now yours, we will follow.


Volunteers, ambassadors, creative collaborators, young team members. A youthful, expressive, self-aware generation, already shaping a more sustainable society. Check their bohemian manifesto!

We are a boutique festival held on the grounds of a spectacular Transylvanian baroque castle, boasting a vast parkland with rare trees, on the banks of the Mures river. We are an immersive, four-day summer escape. 

Music, arts and entertainment come together as a melting pot of cultures and experiences. We created AWAKE as a place and time where you step out of everyday life while exploring, playing, recharging, learning, sharing ideas, getting inspired, co-creating, awakening.

Since our inception, we tended towards a reduced carbon footprint festival, while investing in education on sustainability to shape a new, more conscious society, together.