04 / JUNE / 2019

AWAKE launches BohemianBlast Capsule

The trendiest fashion designers’ collective and outfits inspired by #AWAKE3 theme.

BohemianBlast Capsule is a collaboration between AWAKE and DIPLOMA 2018, curated by Andreea Badala (founder & creative director of MURMUR). It promotes up-and-coming fashion creatives, united in a festival collective.

7 designers create 7 outfits based on the #BohemianBlast festival theme, meant to inspire youngsters to dress-up in a neo-bohemian style and show-up to the most anticipated boutique festival.

The outfits will be released weekly on www.awakefestival.ro.

The first designer presented is Alexandra Virvan, the mastermind behind this euphoric juxtaposition of color. The outfit has its starting point in the artistic movement of “Fauvism” and the idea of psychedelic.

These two concepts are complementary. Fauvism is inspired by the French term “Fauves” (translation: wilds beasts) and shows the exact state of spirit in which an artist creates. The “psychedelic” effects stimulate the viewer’s senses.