14 / MAY / 2020

Youtube channels with music knowledge

If you were to listen to all the music ever produced you would need quite some years of listening non-stop and miss the recent productions, which are adding up like no other time in history.

 Youtube is a great source of information and a great new way to learn anything you want. There are a lot of channels that focus on music, from composition, to album analyses, history, interviews and podcasts. Here’s a selection of some of the interesting ones to broaden up your musical taste and culture.

Explore their video playlists and see which one fits you!


One of the most popular music theory channels, this is one of the more technical channels, they explain songs through drawings and voiceover. It takes a bit of getting used to the format, but it is worth it because the information is extremely interesting, especially for musicians.

Middle 8

Middle 8 focuses on the story behind each song and does an in-depth analysis of bands and artists. Focused more on new music, it has quite a few videos that have over 1 million views. Their style and very well produced videos are of our favorite to watch.


With over 1 million subscribers, most of their videos have over 1 million views and it is more than understandable. From song analysis to fun interviews and series with some of the hippest artists at the moment and up and coming. Working with a veritable who’s who of independent artists, Pitchfork.tv has captured brilliant early performances, interviews, and documentaries with artists that would go on to become household names. With programming ranging from Exclusively Produced Music Videos, Short Films, Documentaries, Animation, Live Streaming Concerts / Festivals, and Episodic Series, Pitchfork TV is the destination for music lovers of all kinds.


Focused more on new artists (with a few past icons sprinkled around), Volkgeist is another great channel with beautifully edited videos and interesting information regarding artist and the meaning behind their music.

Lie Likes Music

This channel is more focused on the rock era of music, telling the stories behind legends such as David Bowie, Tool, Cake, Primus, Rammstein and many, many, many more. The combination of images with simple doodle animations makes the viewing of the videos easy to watch.

Telekom Electronic Beats

Telekom Electronic Beats is one of the most extensive channels when it comes to, well, electronic music J. From interviews with some of the top DJs ad producers to equipment explanations and mini documentaries, you will find almost anything you need for your electronic taste.

David Bennet Piano

David Bennet is a full-time pianist, working across the south of England. In his spare time, he creates educational music videos about all things interesting in music and music theory.

deep cuts

Another of our favorite channel is deep cuts, mainly because it is a great resource to expand music taste. On this channel you will find discussions on genres, guides to band discographies and commenting on the ever-changing landscape of modern music. Really, really cool!

Sound Field

Sound Field is a music education series that explores the music theory, production, history and culture behind our favorite songs and musical styles. Pop, classical, rap, jazz, electronic music, folk, country and indigenous music – they cover it all and highlight the connections between genres. Hosted by accomplished musicians and music teachers Arthur “LA” Buckner and Nahre Sol, each episode is a unique combination of musical performance and video essay explanations. 

The Needle Drop

Is one of the most famous music reviews channels on Youtube. With daily reviews on the latest in rock, pop, electronic, metal, hip hop, and experimental music, Anthony Fantona is really fun to watch. His video format has been adapted for the times and managed to grasp the attention of younger generations.


Polyphonic is another one of our top channels to refer to when we want to learn some interesting facts. The channel is composed of wonderfully edited video essays about music, and other aspects of pop culture