15 / JUNE / 2020

The Good News Monday

It may be rainy (around here at least) but there is sunshine in the world! The Good News Monday is here to share some happy rays with everyone. This week you can lift your mood with the story of the first human to visit both space and the lowest point of the ocean, how awesome dogs are, a cute artist concept, see the largest green turtle gathering and get inspired by the support in the rap music community.

Woman becomes first human to explore both Space and the Ocean’s Deepest Depth

Dr. Kathy Sullivan, hybrid oceanographer and astronaut from US, walked in space at 33 and completed a 11.000 meters dive to the Mariana Trench’s deepest point at 68.

In 1978 she joined NASA as part of the first group of astronauts that included women and had three shuttle flights. This June, 2020, she explored the lowest point in the ocean, Challenger Deep, for an hour and a half together with fellow oceanographer, Victor Vescovo.

After the four hour ascent back to the surface, they docked with the mothership—the DSSV Pressure Drop—where, in another ‘world first’, a call between the International Space Station and the Pressure Drop was arranged so that Sullivan could speak with her astronaut colleagues.

EYOS expedition leader Rob McCallum said, “It was amazing to set up a conversation between two ’spacecraft’; one operating as a platform for research in outer space, the other an exploration vehicle for ‘inner space’. It highlighted the vast span of human endeavor while at the same time linking us close together as fellow explorers.”

“We made some more history today… and then got to share the experience with kindred spirits in the ISS,” said Victor Vescovo

Dogs prove they are the best thing to ever happen to humanity, again

We just don’t know what humanity ever did to deserve dogs <3. Our wet nose best friends have yet again found a way to help us, this time in our fight with the novel coronavirus.

Dogs have been trained to sniff out COVID-19 in human sweat samples and they scored near perfect in their tests. A new study from researchers at the national veterinary school in Alfort, outside Paris trained 8 Belgian Malinois shepherds to identify the smell of COVID-19 in the sweat of infected individuals. The results were an average of 95% of samples. Four dogs successfully identified a positive COVID sweat sample 100% of the time.

The Coronavirus study included 168 samples of armpit-perspiration from COVID-19 positive people and 18 dogs that had been trained to detect explosives, colorectal cancer, and survivors during search and rescue missions. Out of the 18, 8 dogs were selected as best for the test and were introduced to jars containing samples of Covid-positive perspiration. Tests were done with 3, 4, 6, and 7 jars, with only one containing a positive virus sample.

Artist transforms pets intro Disney characters

22 year old Dutch artist, Isa Brendt, exercised her drawing style in a subreddit (where people would ask for free art of their pets) for some time and later started her project Pet Disneyfication. Always loving the old Disney aesthetic, she now takes on commissions from people around the world, but also helps pets who are in need of adoption.

You MUST visit her Instagram if you need a pick-me up today J

The largest Green Turtle observed by humans


A recently release drone footage by Australian researchers shows at least 64.000 endangered green turtles at Raine Island, on the outer edges of the Great Barrier Reef.

“We’re seeing the world’s largest aggregation of green turtles captured in these extraordinary drone images that are helping to document the largest turtle numbers seen since we began the Raine Island Recovery Project,” Anna Marsden, the foundation’s managing director, said in a press release.

People come together to help 11-year-old aspiring rapper 

The sweetest little boy from US, Ray 3, made a Youtube channel and started posting his raps and a video with the title “Want to become a famous rapper”. “I like rapping. It’s just what I wanna do and what I wanna be when I grow up,” he said.

He didn’t expect what would happen after a photo of his makeshift studio turned viral on twitter. Producer Kenny Beats took notice of the boy’s picture and decided to help the ambitious boy by setting him up with professional equipment.

Following Kenny Beats’s tweet, many other artists decided to pitch in and got him new headphones, a microphone, a laptop and other gear to help him on his path. They got in contact with Ray after and sent him all the equipment.

If that isn’t love in the music community we don’t know what love is!