05 / JUNE / 2020

AWAKE recommends: 5 underrated Romanian Bands & artists


If you missed them last year at the gigs they had, let us encourage you to not do the same in the future because for us they are one of the most promising Romanian live shows out there. Cardinal is a young band from Constanta with a cool blend og garage rock and  psychedelic. They formed in 2015 and launched their first EP Noisehead in 2016, performing at some gigs in Romania since and also in London. 

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Baba Dochia

Baba Dochia are an electronic-rock band from Sighisoara, based in Cluj. Their debut album, conceptual studio album called XII Lambskins, is a bridge between electronic, post-rock, film score and eclectic sampling. Since then they released two more albums and have played festivals and clubs in Romania. 

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Valeria Stoica


Technically, Valeria Stoica is not from Romania, but from our sister Republic of Moldova, but we will make an exception for this wide eyed, dreamy girl. Her indie-pop songs have been a great refreshing listen and she slowly but surely is gaining international recognition. 

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The  duo from Bucharest have gained some recognition when they collaborated with local rapper Norzeatic on an album. What you might not know is that Khidja are one of the few producers representing Romania at the techno and electronic festivals around the world, their remixes and productions being played at most of the cool parties. 

Their productions include a mix of middle-eastern electronic music with a nod towards organic sounds, synthesizers combined with cult instruments like setar, ney or saz and grungy guitars and house, techno, new wave and industrial.

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Zmei3 is a band formed from two Romanians and two Germans, but not any Romanians and Germans. The lead singer is a soprano, one band member plays for Berlin’s opera, one finished one of the best music schools in US and one is a lawyer in London, so they are not your average band. Their debut album, Rough Romanian Soul, was produced by GRAMMY® award-winner, Ian Brennan and the album was recorded in the mountains of Transylvania. 

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Bonus: Tanz Ohne Musik

For all the EBM and post punk music fans here is a bonus band. Tanz Ohne Musik is a duo from Bucharest, they create their music using analogue & digital synthesizers / samplers / drum machines /vocals. Original and dark, the band has gained international recognition with the post punk audience. 

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