13 / AUGUST / 2019

ARTDOOR 2019 showcases its works of art

Take a walk on Teleki grounds and discover the pieces. We’ve prepared a journey to elevate your spirit and feed conversations on what is esthetics, interaction and immersive art.  

ARTDOOR showcases its works of art in the form of an open-air gallery of large-scale artistic and architectural installations. With a variety of ideas and styles approached, this year ARTDOOR presents a carefully curated art display that incites the viewer to discover an array of concepts and ideas.  

Let’s delve into the 6 ideas we’ve selected to fill your days and nights with beauty and thought.  


The installation started with capturing light on film photography and transposing it in drawings, giving it a physical form with different shapes and sizes. Each layer is a lively representation of individual sequences of light, giving dimension, weight and spatiality. 

It is a symbol of the enlightenment of one’s consciousness, the awareness of one’s self, the witnessing of own one’s life. 


Following the castle’s recurrent element of architecture – the semicircular arch – this installation can take different forms: either a chair, a lounge chair or a pavilion. When entering the pavilion, you are surrounded by a landscape of wooden arches reflected in the mirror above. 

Inspired by Escher’s works of art, the reflected image creates a distorted reality connecting the visitor to art in a direct and interactive form. 


A well-know bauble at a larger scale. Baubles were once respected artistic works, beautifully crafted with patience and talent. In time, by reproducing them at an industrial scale and by choosing easy subjects to depict, they lost their artistic value. This Countess bauble was chosen with the aim to integrate into the public space this long lost artistic notion. The personal touch is her knife in the back, a symbol of artistic decay and kitsch.   


The LOOPED installation is a showcase of swimming rings that embrace the form’s attitude. As more and more ideas that dismantle the planet appear, the work presents a pierced totality, on both sides. There is a sense of acknowledgment, but without taking things too far. The installation keeps its naivety and doesn’t assume to change the world, in the end, it’s a swimming ring around a tree.  

THE DOOR by Sabin Dumitriu, Claudia Voinea  –  PLUTO BY NIGHT 

“the door” represents the symbiosis between the nature and architecture of Teleki Castle, a reconfirmation of the former transposed into conceptual, as well as a testimony of their coexistence. Built based on the most visible element of the castle’s architecture – the arch – and situated in the park, “the door” becomes a reinterpretation of the castle itself, a romanticist evocation of the way architecture can dissolve into nature. 

NOWHERE by Riccardo Toccacielo 

Nowhere is a symbolic work, a precursor of the traveling project România Sonoră and the result of researches on the Danube Delta, building on land, water and “silence”. 

It is a representation of the importance of sitting still and listening to the storiesexperiencing every contrast and giving up any intention, fully open to all the surrounding sounds.  

Sound, a material closely related to silence, contains all possible music and the experience of the Danube Delta, the first stage of this project, is an overture and at the same time an orchestra of improvisation, a continuous and impromptu activity where the performers incessantly produce material. 

This is what Nowhere wants and it asks for it in the simplest way: “sit down and let me play”. It is a visual tale and a sensory experience at the same timehiding behind its back the illuminated colors of the landscape, which maintain their beauty at the center. 

GOLDEN TICKET by Iarina Tava, Ana Porim

The world is made out of traces. Each of us leaves a mark and in exchange is marked. In the same way, every object brought into the world goes through a transformative path and influences the collective conscience. We designed this installation having in mind the transient community of the festival. This object can become the witness and expression of the community, a written record of its spirit. Golden Ticket will come alive only by the writings it will receive.