12 / JUNE / 2019


The second designer to join the BohemianBlast Capsule is Bianca Ilonca. 

The young creative stands for art as a fusion between technology, biology and the human psyche, a visual form appreciated for its beauty and emotional power. Bianca believes that the moment of creation defines the creator and the historical period in which the artist lives. Through her creation, she articulates her interior world and her exterior expressions, designing the truth of our times.

Design is the place where being wrong can mean that you are right and where the awakening of the consciousness is named creativity. The human being has been from the start a creator and Bianca loves to give the freedom of choosing who you are.

What is fashion design? Something created out of an idea, a need. From cavemen to nanotechnology, from cave art in the prehistoric times to the biggest galleries and art museums today, the same evolution happened to clothes which has met the border of art.

Bianca’s creation starts with the concept of ephemeral art for the soul.

When the viewer meets art, she feels emotion. When she wears it on the body, it comes to life.